Day 2, 27 of July - My american friends

At long time ago (last year) an american girl called Dazzle came to Portugal studying for some months. She didn't know how to speak very well Portuguese, but as i can speak a little bit of english, we started to talk. I met her in a funny evening. I was meeting some friends and she was coming with them, and we went to a pub. Everyone went dancing and drinking, except me and her, that were sited, one in front of the other, with nothing to say. After the first minute speaking , it was look like a river made of words, that were all coming out! We had a lot of fun, and from that afternoon, we can say we got good friends :) Unfortunately, she had to go back to USA, and we haven't met again, but (big but) a few days ago, two or three, i was talking to her on facebook, and i met two of her friends, Emma and Jessica, that are lovely and very funny. They have been my company 'till 3, 4, 5 in the morning. I'm glad i know those three amazing girls :)

About the school papers, i forgot it again... I hope they don't mind :)

I leave you again with one lovely (old) music:



Day 1, 21 of July - Introduction

For now on I'll keep this blog for 100 posts, and I'll do one post per day, but the days won't be consecutive!
Well, as this is my first real blog, please, come and help me :)

I'm a boy, with 15 years old (problematic age) and I am Portuguese. I just pass the national exams with 4 in Math and 4 in Portuguese, in 5, which is good! So now, I'm heading to 10th grade! BIG STEP, but everything will be ok. I just remember that I forgot to delivery some photos of me in secretary of school ! wops xD

Well, and this is my life. I lost my girlfriend not long ago because i was stupid, and now I'm trying to fix things! I'll get you in touch ;D

I leave you with this lovely music!
See ya,