Day 18, 13 of February - The summer of 2010.

The fray, Heartless; Train, Hey soul sister; Nicolaj Grandjean, Heroes and saints; these are the musics that remind me my summer of 2010, and that's the only reason why I don't want to hear them any more. I wrote in my english composition that: if I knew where Comenius Project would lead me, I wouldn't have join it. My teacher asked me if it was true, and I said no, it was just to rime, but deep inside my stupid head, I knew it was truth, but just like in the summer, I didn't have the guts to face reality. And now, because of that, I have my past hunting me down, always there... If someone reads this shit will know that it was in that summer, precisely when I act like stupid and push away the one and only I loved the most, that I started this blog. I don't want everyone to read it. I just want to tell "someone" in this case, something, or I would just explode. There was a person that almost always believed in my, that kept next to me the hole time. Thank you.