Day 17, 12 of December - Give up? That's not for me.

If I could have a button, it would be 'rewind' , so I could learn with my mistakes and think twice about my choices, and again, and again until it was perfect.

There are no endings, just new beginnings. You choose.


Day 16, 5 of November - She's always MY woman to me...

Sometimes, we look back and we just don't know how that happen... It's such a mess, and then we want to go back and fix things, but it's not possible for us to do so, and we desperate, we feel useless, impotent, powerless, week. We feel 'we' are not 'us' anymore. And that, because we made the wrong choices, we left who we mustn't leave. We become less and less 'us', when we lose who we love. When that happens, no matter which and how many friends you have, you get lonely, you become no one.
Do not do the wrong choices, and if you do, admit them and fight to get everything as it used to be, just perfect...



Day 15, 15 of July - Optimus Alive'11

At first, it was only me, dreaming of going to Optimus Alive. Then, I talked to a friend and a few days later we had the tickets. It was just unbelievable. But there was a problem, we bought the tickets 3 months earlier, so we had to wait, and wait, and wait...
As soon as we convince 3 other friends to come with us, we bought the camping tickets, so we could camp near the concert and have free buses. It was much better that way, because the buses dropped us from 3 pm 'till 4 am right in front of the camping's gate. This picture here -> is the route we did from camping (A) to the concert (B) .
So, we 4 (because the fifth only had the ticket for 3

days so he couldn't go to the first one, which ended to be the best, with Coldplay) agreed on going to lisbon at 6:30 am of Wednesday, but i had a problem. A few months ago I asked a friend if i could go with her picking a friend at the airport. We had to leave at 4:30am and when i got home it was 4. "Hum, i have enough time to take a shower..." i took a shower and went to bed 'just for 5 minutes'. I woke up at 6:30 and they had left without me, and i was afraid that that would happen to me again, so i said to Catarina (the girl who bought the ticket with me): "I'm not going to sleep, because i know i won't wake up. " "Relax - she said - put the alarm to 5am, and i'll put it too. If one of us don't wake up, the other one calls to the mobile phone." None of us woke up. She called me at 6:20, and we had the bus at 6:30. We rush to the bus station and we still caught it. The other two were starting to get nervous because we were very late, but we all 4 got the bus. (: we had 7 hour trip 'till we get to lisbon. And when we arrive we still had to get to the subway and finally to my house so we could leave there the things we wouldn't need to that day, because we agree that every morning we would go there to take a shower (yeah, we are posh xD). As me and Catarina had to rush in the morning, we took a shower there, and after that we 4 went to Optimus Alive circuit so we could change the ticket bill for the ticket it self. Then, we finally went to Camping in Monsanto to set up the tents and leave the rest of our baggage. And we had to take a picture, well, it was a spanish guy who took it. The camping was full of spanish people.
We had everything we needed: tickets for the concerts and bracelets for the buses. LETS GO! We went to the bus stop, and it was full of people. The bus we went on was full as an egg, but nothing comparing to the amount of people that was entering the circuit. That night, the numbers were around 60 thousand people inside the circuit. It was magical. When we arrive we were just in time to see Blondie on stage. That granny was surly on speeds. Coldplay was next. My heart almost came out of my mouth of how fast and hard was beating. We were just next to the stage, in front of a HUGE screen, but we could clearly see him running and singing on the stage. Everyone was vibrating with their songs, I looked around and was everyone singing or covering their mouths with the hands. They had firework and flying little papers and on top of it, like the sherry on top of the cake, they had balloons... It was just unbelievable. When they finished their performance, we started to go to the bus stop again. We didn't know how to enter a bus, because if we thought the bus was full when we went to the circuit, there was no big enough word to express how the buses were getting out of there. One of the buses stopped right in front of us, and when someone forced the doors, we 4 entered together, but it was worthless, because the driver turn off the bus and said we all had to go out. In the very next minute we entered again and the bus started to move. When we got to the tent, it was time to sleep and wait for the next day...


Day 14, 29 of April - Is this it?

I don't know what to write. I don't know what I'm feeling, I don't know what to do, and no one can do something to change the way things are going. It's my fault, maybe because i didn't realize what i was doing. But i wasted all my opportunities. I hoped not, but i think this is it.


Day 13, 19 of March - How could I be so heartless?

Not even if my tears were as much as an ocean, not even if i ran all over the world twice, not even if i could see the future, not even if knew how to speak all the known and unknown languages in the world, not even if i could move mountains, not even if i was as fast as light, not even if i could live for ever, not even if i was the richest person in the world, not even if i die, not even if i was as stronger as iron, not even if i knew the most important persons in the world, not even if i was invincible... Only if i could change the past...



Day 12, 10 of February - The return of the Writer.

It's been more than a month since 2011 began, and i never felt needing to write here... As you can get from my other texts, I usually write when I'm in a bad mood, not because I'm rude, well, sometimes doh, but because I'm feeling down. And this week, hum, I'm very willing to get to a happy ending, at lest the end. Everything went wrong. Only the beginning wasn't that bad, but from then after, I rip off some hundreds of hairs 'cause of stress. I just wanted some days away from here, like the the amazing week in summer that made me forget all my responsibilities, and I had someone that I really wanted, on my side. I just hope that I'll live those days again...