Day 19, 6 of July - Motherf*ing Distance

     If I could choose one super power, would be to be able to teleport. Yeah, I'm kind of selfish, I wouldn't ask to be able to feed everyone on this planet, or even to be strong and fast enough to end war.
     The first time I saw "Jumper" I thought it was an idiot movie, but now I understand the vantages of teleporting, that I'll show you in this map:

England: Mulford Family
Germany: Eliane, Lisa, CATARINA (just now)
Swiss: Jolanda, Andreas, Livia,
Norway: so many...
Portugal: so many..........

North America: Dazzle, Kimberly, Jessica, Emma.

Brasil: Nathaly

One day, I'll have my private jet, one day... (: