Day 21, 18 of November - When we are needed.

To feel useful, is the most grateful feeling ever. Some say is to get high, others say the same about getting drunk, having orgasms, shopping, sleeping, driving, eating, reading.... But, from my "vast" life experience, I say that the strongest and most comforting feeling is to be useful, but there's a problem on being useful. You can't say no to someone who asks for your help, even if the only thing you want from that person is distance. You just can't say no. You become altruist, and begin to think first about others, and only then in yourself. You start living a life that it's not yours any more...



Day 20, 11 of September - Like a book.

     Our life is like a book. It has a plot, setting, themes chapters and characters. It has a beginning and an end. The chapters can be compared to the steps we take in our lives. The people we meet are the characters: some are main characters,others just extras that can have an important presence, but just for a few 'pages'. The themes may depend on our state of mind, our actions, our decisions, and even the decisions that others (the extras perhaps) make but somehow mess with our lives too. Every page is a day that always  have consequences on our future life, and whenever we read a page, we can no longer pretend it doesn't exist, like the choices we make and the days that pass. The same happens with the characters and, in a bigger scale, with the chapters. If we did a bad choice that had bad consequences, even if it was just for a few moments, we can't erase it from our past. Just like a page, or even a few lines in a vast sea of words. But there's a huge gap between our life and a book: when you star reading a book, the end is already written...
     Still, sometimes I wish my life was a book, so I could read some chapters over and over again, until I knew them by heart. 


Day 19, 6 of July - Motherf*ing Distance

     If I could choose one super power, would be to be able to teleport. Yeah, I'm kind of selfish, I wouldn't ask to be able to feed everyone on this planet, or even to be strong and fast enough to end war.
     The first time I saw "Jumper" I thought it was an idiot movie, but now I understand the vantages of teleporting, that I'll show you in this map:

England: Mulford Family
Germany: Eliane, Lisa, CATARINA (just now)
Swiss: Jolanda, Andreas, Livia,
Norway: so many...
Portugal: so many..........

North America: Dazzle, Kimberly, Jessica, Emma.

Brasil: Nathaly

One day, I'll have my private jet, one day... (:



Day 18, 13 of February - The summer of 2010.

The fray, Heartless; Train, Hey soul sister; Nicolaj Grandjean, Heroes and saints; these are the musics that remind me my summer of 2010, and that's the only reason why I don't want to hear them any more. I wrote in my english composition that: if I knew where Comenius Project would lead me, I wouldn't have join it. My teacher asked me if it was true, and I said no, it was just to rime, but deep inside my stupid head, I knew it was truth, but just like in the summer, I didn't have the guts to face reality. And now, because of that, I have my past hunting me down, always there... If someone reads this shit will know that it was in that summer, precisely when I act like stupid and push away the one and only I loved the most, that I started this blog. I don't want everyone to read it. I just want to tell "someone" in this case, something, or I would just explode. There was a person that almost always believed in my, that kept next to me the hole time. Thank you.