Day 11, 29 of December - I feel so small...

Why do we look to the others and think: Why can't I have his/her life? It seems to be good, no tests, no evaluations, any problem at school, at work or at home... But then I think: I have worthy things to live for, actually I have hundreds, I just have to look around: friends, food, bed... HAHA sorry if you don't appear here, but I bet you do have a critical role in my life.

Smile to life.



Day 10, 21 of November - Second chance?

There are second chances, but no one stops there. Or you have no second chance with someone and if you screw things up, it's over. OR, you keep being an ass, and that person keeps forgiving you. I don't know each one is the worst... Personally i wouldn't accept the fact that i was being an idiot ruining the opportunities that she was giving me, and the only one who was doing sacrifices for that relationship was she. Life is so damn complicated.



Day 9, 1 of November - "Her lips, her lips..."

"You know I've never asked you to change..." We have to accept the others as they are and never try to change them, but take as a compliment, or a strong feeling as love, if they change themselves for us. It's a big responsibility to change my 'me' for someone, because there are changes we can't go back, and some are really difficult to take, because it really changes us, our lives and the way we live our lives. But, when we do it, when we change ourselves for someone we love, we get an extraordinary feeling, and even a better one, when that person changes his/her life, when we are their choice. WWOOOWW it's so, i just can't explain it, but i hope you'll have the opportunity to live it too :)