Day 34, 2nd of February, Where are the answers?

    When we had questions when we were younger, we just asked mom or dad (normally mom, they know the best). While we get older, we start to find the answers ourselves, instead of asking other people, but there are always answers very hard to stumble across. For instance: what to do when we are close to a melt down? What should I make for dinner? Do I keep pushing myself to the limit or should I 'rest' and let things flow? What about timing? We might even know what to do, but when?
     I guess the most exquisite and amazing question I bumped into until today is: What is to be in love? What is to fall in love? What do we feel, how do we know we are in love? Should we know that we are in love? What do we do? How do I stop it? How do I make it to last 'for ever'?
    I guess you can't actually know if you're in love. You might know after that you were in love, when you become rational again. But, when you are on that rush of emotions and feelings, when you act without thinking, when there's always the bright side, that's when you're in love. But, as you have so many things on your head, you don't really realize you actually are in love. That's the beauty of it. The act of love, sometimes, isn't understandable, but is mostly a rational emotion: I love that person because she makes me feel good, I like to spend time with her. When you're in love, there's not a single fuck rational about it. You don't even know in what situation you are, how could you expect that being in love would be a rational state of mind? You just try to focus on breathing, (which sometimes can be a difficult task) and everything else will happen as it should, somehow, without being able to explain how it happens. That's why, to me, is much more explosive, intense and worth it to be in love rather than love someone. Although the feeling of love someone is good, stable, that might protect you from  everything else, it can become boring. Being in love? Well, there's nothing boring about it, you might even don't have enough endurance to deal with it.
    My advice, is to be an open minded person, never close a window without giving it a peek first, you don't know what kind of amazing and unique view you might be wasting. But, who am I to give an advice?