Day 27, 12 of December - Am I homesick?

I don't usually 'miss' things like: 'Oh, I miss when I was younger...' or 'I miss my previous "life".'  But, today, when I was doing the groceries, I saw dog food, and I actually felt 'saudades' of buying it to my dogs. You're probably asking yourselves "What the hell does 'saudades' means?!' Well, it's a typical portuguese word which doesn't have a proper translation. It means you miss doing something, but in a much stronger way, much deeper inside you. And, yes, I miss buying food to my dogs, I miss feeding them and playing around. I miss my daily routine when I was at my other house. I miss waking up in the morning (in a rush because my dad is already waiting for me in the car to go and drop me at school) take a shower and run to my dad's car with the toast between the teeth. Before classes I used to go to a caffe to meet my friends and then we would debate and discuss about going or not going to school. If we decided not going to school, we would spend the whole morning playing cards and drinking beer (sorry dad). In the afternoon we didn't have classes, so we would stay in the caffe xD Oh, glorious days are over... Maybe in a few years, I'll be saying the same about today, but now, I miss those days... I miss my town, my daily-routine, my people...

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