Day 29, 12th of January - Backstage

   Sometimes I feel like I need or I should write... I don't know what, and specially I don't know how to start, I guess that's the most difficult part, because, after a few lines everything will just 'go with the flow'. In the beginning, you really have to push the keys hard so you can type down a single letter, and then, pure magic happens, and the keys push themselves down, the keyboard is alive. And I'm glad that happens, otherwise I couldn't write anything... But that's not even the first part. You have a whole bunch of ideas, thoughts, memories and dreams that you actually want to express, to share with others, and you don't have a clue how to do it. It's quite hard, and the ones who actually do it know what I'm talking about, and for the ones that don't know what this feeling is: YOU SHOULD TRY IT! Seriously, when you get a text finished, you read it, and you feel something inside, you feel proud on what you wrote. It's true, the things we are most proud of are the ones you don't actually need to share with the others, because it's something yours, and yours only, but still, it feels good to share some things. It can be just a thought (some are worth sharing, you must evaluate it first haha), and idea, an opinion, what ever you want... After you chose that one thing you want to write about it, you must NOT start to think how you should write it. Just begin with something related and you'll see everything will come, word after word. You must never give up on what you're writing, and you will feel it's all crap and you want to delete everything. That will happen, normally, in the middle, like where I am now. I already read this from top to bottom a few times and I really want to delete it, but I hope I'll manage to end it and feel proud of it. For me to feel proud of this bunch of words when I've finish writing them, I must change subject and talk about another backstage.
     The big things, the really most important things that you are capable of doing or that can happen to you, are not the ones that everyone knows, or the ones you turn public... The most amazing moments are the ones that happen in backstage. For example, it's very important to know how to dance when you're in front a lot of people and your pair is a beautiful girl, but it actually doesn't matter if you dance like a robot, or if your feet are glued to the floor if you're dancing in backstage. And it's not because everyone saw you dancing beautifully, a wonderful song with an outstanding good looking girl that will turn that moment special, because special moments happen in backstage. Imagine you're dancing in a room, in the dark, with a music you don't know but with the right person. It doesn't matter if a cat is the only public you have, that moment can't get any better...  (Damn it. I still want to delete the whole text...)


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