Day 36, 30th May - Connection

We try to maintain a certain relation with people. We put some effort on it, so we feel proud of that relation and so we can count with that person when the time comes. Some relations require more attention than others. It's amazing how some people can maintain connected even without being conscious of what is needed for that relation. Well, in those cases, it's pure love, that's what is needed, nothing else... I came across a sister's friendship like that. I only know one of them, but the way she talks about her sister, the sparkles in her eyes when she says how much she loves her... I can't compare it to nothing that I've seen until now. Even I get those watery eyes when I hear her talking about their connection. Her sister doesn't have 100% perception of the reality that surrounds us, my friend says "she's pure with innocent eyes", which makes their friendship so amazing. Her sister can be angry or upset about something, but that changes the minute she sees her. They are truly connected, without an effort. It's true we have good friends that can understand us without being needed to say much, but that's not the same.
I call myself lucky regarding my friendships and connections. Not lucky because no matter what I do they're always there for me, no. Lucky because I had the opportunity to make a connection with them. After that, my friendship relations require a lot of effort, but that's why I give them so much value.
Through time, I've been blessed and cursed with some connections I made. Cursed in a good and a bad way. In a bad way because I took things by granted, and mistook acquainted people by friends, and trusted too much on who I shouldn't have trusted, or even made too much pressure on some connections trying to force them to be good friendships (by mistake, not forcing it in a creepy stalker way haha)... When I mean 'cursed in a good way' is dooming a connections in order to get another one, with the same person. Like some sort of upgrade. But I considered it cursed because, just like an upgrade of something, you loose some functions from the old version. Functions you were used to and knew you could rely on. You get virgin ground, without knowing where is it safe to step. If you are able to dance all over the floor, or if you will fall into an abyss as soon as you step forward. If is there any safe path you can take, or if you must be dodging holes the hole walk. If you can keep doing what you used to do before, or if the new connections obliges you to move on and adapt, to forget what 'used to be' and embrace the new way of looking to that person.
All in all, connections are always good. Even if they won't last, you can always learn something from them. And maybe the best connections are the ones that don't last, but you keep them in your mind for the rest of your days.

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