Day 6, 12 of September - Choices

Our lifes are made of choices. Easy ones, difficult ones, inevitable ones, etc. The ones I consider the hardest are the no-return, the ones when you hurt someone, and the ones you know you have to obey, knowing you'll get hurt. I'll give you an example of the last one. Someone i know told me this:

"There's a book, that it is about two people, a boy and a girl, that love each other very much, true love (the one that a lot of people believe that doesn't exist, well, here it is you cynics). The girl is very sick, in a very bad condition, and she begs for him to stop the suffering, by killing her. She asks him to shoot her. And in the end, he does it..."

I started to think to myself, if i was that boy... My life, now, is so dam easy, comparing to his. If she was that sick, with no way possible to get better...If she was suffering...I could do it, but then, i would end with my own suffering too.


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