Day 5, 12 of August - Friends

Friends is what we need the most! "Love..." "Oxygen..." "Actors..." I don't care what they say about this, i'm sure i'm right! When we are sad or confused, there's no need to tell them, because they know it. It's just like Sixth sense. They are there, when we need, well, at least is what we expect for them to do. Sometimes, they are not what we expect, they are not where we wished... But other times, it's not their choice either ours... I don't believe in destiny, but i just love some coincidences that happen in our lives!
I get sentimentally connected to some locals, that i had very good experiences, but now only memories... And here i leave some of those locals... I know i wrote only some words, but this time, was a sad topic, i promise i'll be better next post :) Cheer up 'till there :)

Lovely portuguese Video :D


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