Day 26, 8 of October - Turning the Page

Do you remember when I said life was like a book? Well, today I ended a chapter and turned the page... Does it happen to you, to be reading a book, you turn the page and when you begin to read again, it doesn't make sense because you skipped a few pages and you didn't notice? What if I didn't end reading the chapter? What if I'm skipping a few pages, and I will only realize when I'm finish reading the book? No one can warn me about it. I'm the only one who can realize if I'm making that mistake. But how do you realize that kind of mistake without being too late? When reading a book, you can always go back a few pages, and the problem is solved, but in this situation is quite different. There's no index, no turning back. I don't want any pages ripped off from my book, but I don't want to keep reading the same page over and over again, without going to the next one. I don't want to miss new characters, new chapters and so one, but I don't want to begin a new chapter without knowing if I read the previous chapter or not. Otherwise, the chapter I would begin, wouldn't make any sense, it would be a waste of pages, and there's a limited number of them. Choose your steps very carefully, or you can be ruining the end of the book, without knowing it.



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