Day 25, 19 of September - New Life

          With a new life comes new responsibilities, new obstacles, new disappointments, new flaws... But do we have the right to new friends, new virtues, new dreams?  I hope so, otherwise, why change to a new life? Why choose the unknown, why choose to leave our comfort zone and explore life as it is? The best knowledge we will ever receive it's the one we earn, by living life, by experimenting and experience everything that life gives to us, by exploring ourselves the true nature of living. What if we are too afraid to make a mistake? What if we feel we can't do it? Well, we must think about the sailors, back when there where no GPS, no compass, no maps... They were offering their own life to the unknown. They didn't know what to expect when they were sailing towards the immense ocean. They were exploring, they were risking, and they won. We still speak about them, 500 and 1000 years later... We don't need to fear the unknown. We need to fear the ones that don't want to change,the ones that don't want to risk or don't want to learn, and so, don't want to live. We need to fear them because those people will try everything to turn our courage to sail to the unknown in fear and ignorance. We must embrace our new life, full of expectations, dreams, courage and self confidence. With all of that, nothing can stop us, and we will reach great achievements. :D 
        So I welcome my new life, hopefully, full of surprises and obstacles that will magnify my choice to follow the sailors. 


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