Day 31, 2nd of March - Like if it was yesterday...

    You know that feeling when you don't do something a long time ago, but it feels like you did it yesterday? It's weird, I know, because you miss doing that thing, but when you do it, it seems like it wasn't that long the last time you did it. This happens to me when I speak to some friends, like Nathaly. I met her long time ago, and since then, we never stop talking to each other for long periods of time. Sometimes it's longer than we wanted because the distance that keep us apart doesn't help at all, but we try never to lose contact. Unfortunately, we haven't talked for some time now.... But guess what... I just "spoke" to her. It was by message, but while I was reading what she sent, I could hear her talking, just like if it was yesterday the last time we talked... It's funny how our mind can trick us like that. For instance, my last post here was long time ago, very long time ago, and yet, while I'm writing right now, I can remember exactly what I wrote, when I wrote and what I was doing while I was writing. It's amazing how some things in our lives have this power in our minds. Unfortunately, when it comes to study, my mind doesn't work like that...
   It just happens when I'm dealing with something important in my life, like friends, or something I really like doing, like writing, or reading, or listening to a special song... Those strong emotions must be kept in a special part of our brain, very sensitive, that gets activated with 'saudade'. I already tried to explain what 'saudade' is, but the word itself is complicated to translate, even more the emotion that represents. It's like when you miss something so much that even hurts when you think about it. And, at least with me, 'saudade' can work in both ways: either it makes me think like if it was yesterday that something happened; or makes me think that happened in my previous life.
    It can be very difficult to deal with 'saudades' alone. Always have someone that can help you in those moments.


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