Day 33, 21st of October, Fly away.

   Why is it common sense that, to achieve happiness, we must overcome obstacles? Why do we 'need' to get that feeling of accomplishment to be worthy of happiness? Why can't we just turn the corner and BAM, there's happiness? Why can't we just find it like that? If we're not happy with what we are doing, we should just stop it and find something that makes us feel good with ourselves, that makes us feel happy. But noooo, we must finish what we are doing so we can say we never gave up, and we made it until the end. What for, if that doesn't make us happy? Imagine you make a lot of effort to go on a train, you work hard to have enough money to buy the ticket, you wake up early to go to the station and find yourself the best seat. You get on the train and you feel good for the first hour. Then, you realize that's not exactly what you want. You look out of the window and you see that the train is heading to a place you know you won't feel good, that you know you won't find happiness. Why can't you just jump off the train? Why, for most people, is more important to finish what you started, go to the end, and then come back and change the path? Why shouldn't we change it when we realize that it's not the right one? "And how do you know it's not the right one if you don't finish it?" you may ask. We must take pleasure on what we do, even to achieve something. We must feel it's worth it. And if we are doing that path 'just because' then it's because it's not the right one. Specially if you have the best seat on the train, with the best view and accommodation. If you can't be in a better situation, and you still don't feel happy, it's because it's time to change!
   We are always afraid of change. "Oh, the unknown..." When I said I wanted to go away, the instantaneous reaction was: "Why? And where to?" Easy questions: "Because here I don't feel good. Where to? I still don't know yet, just out of here." "Oh that's so childish. Running away from your responsibilities. And you don't even have a plan where to go to." "I don't need one. If I'm not happy here, I just need to go somewhere else to see if I'm happy there." Why is so fucking difficult to understand this? I understand why most people want to stay where they are, why can't people make an effort on understand my point of view? Why is it childish and irresponsible to be different? No, I don't know if I am ready to this. No, I don't know if I'll regret it. No, I don't know If I'll come back in less than a month. But I'll never know, unless I'll try to do it. A few 'posts ago' I wrote this:

   "With a new life comes new responsibilities, new obstacles, new disappointments, new flaws... But do we have the right to new friends, new virtues, new dreams? I hope so, otherwise, why change to a new life? Why choose the unknown, why choose to leave our comfort zone and explore life as it is? The best knowledge we will ever receive it's the one we earn, by living life, by experimenting and experience everything that life gives to us, by exploring ourselves the true nature of living. What if we are too afraid to make a mistake? What if we feel we can't do it?"

   If I leave, it will be hard. Leaving family, friends, places... But won't we all leave one day?

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