Day 3, 4 of August - Norway

19 of April, in 2009 we ( some school friends, 3 teachers and me) were heading to Lisbon, where we would spend the night (just some hours actually) for then, catch the plane and fly to Norway! and it was what happen :) ! I woke up at 3am. just to have a bath and get things ready. We left to the airport at 4am. Everything was alright, we did the check in and entered in the plane! We 'stopped' in Amsterdam and i bought some flowers to give to Agnethe, the girl who was receiving me in Norway. We got there and it was freezing! Raining too, but, bbrrrr :) We got our bags and caught a bus to downtown, Bergen, and there we caught another bus, this one for 5 hours, to Sveio Kommune. Lovely trip! We got there, half-dead, but excited to meet new people. We had an excellent dinner, which was cooked by the students. (I think they were just willing to get rid of us hihi) .
I met Agnethe there, and her mother, very nice people. We finish dinner and went home. I think it was a land rover. Anyway, when we got home, they showed me everything, and i just couldn't believe! It's so different, but still so willing to be like that! They left the shoes next to the entrance door, they had a HUGE cat and sheep (poor ones, i remember Martin running after them) . I made myself at home and got up to my lovely room. The computer room, in the attic, very warm, very comfy. Woo how i miss things there. Then I delivery the present i had to them and they liked it very much, at least they look like . Then, i went to the living-room and me, Agnethe and her mother, Linda, had a get-to-know-each-others conversation, which i loved! I met (that day) Martin, Agnethe's older brother and Ole, Agneth's father! Very nice people. It was late, so i went to bed. Next day...Well, next day is another story that i'll tell you later :)


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