Day 4, 9 of August - Norway ( still )

As i was saying, the next day was amazing! I got up with the sound of a sheep, right under my window. Lovely way to wake up! I ate breakfast with Agnethe at home, and then we went to the bus stop, to go to school. We (all the portuguese people) met in their school again, (i forgot to say that when we arrived Sveio Kommune, we met them at their school and had dinner there) at 8:15 I think. Everyone talking about their homes, and the ones who were receiving us, talking about us, but it was in Norwegian, so we didn't understand a word . :) Then we met new people, as Vilde, Anne Helene, Annhild, Sarah-Louise, Therese, Ingvilde, Bendik, Marie Elisebeth, and more, ( sorry for not putting your names here ), each one went to the respective class-room and we had to present our selfs to the class, very funny :)
We had lunch, at lunch-break, 10:00 am. Each one brought lunch from home, some sandwiches. I can't remember mines, but one had caviar xD
The school day finished at 14:00 and we all went home to rest. After that, we went to Ryvarden, a amazing light house, with a beautiful view and a freezing wind. Before dinner we heard "Hallelujah", sung by Vilde, and in instruments Anne Helene, Therese and Ingvild. Wooow, we were willing to give a bite to something, and we had a very good re-filling dinner, which i don't remember what was, i just know it was good. It might look an ordinary dinner, but we got to know each other in that 'warm' environment, for the rest of the week (and some, for the rest of their friendships which i hope it will lasts for long) . We walk back to the cars and went home, get our head and body, recovered to another exciting day.


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