Day 23, 5 of April - Upside down.

     As usual, my life is a mess. But I can't complain, so, I really don't know what to write, but I feel like I need to... I actually need help, so I think I kind of 'feel like I need to write', so I can get the stress out of me. It's kind of complicated. My problems are not mine, but it was me who created them, and now there's nothing I can do to solve them. And, observably, I can't tell what my problems are, because they are not mine. ARRRGGG. I wish they were entirely mine, so no one 'innocent' would suffer, and I wouldn't feel so guilty. I guess it's worst for me to face it everyday that it's my fault some people are really depressed, than being myself depressed. I don't know, because I never felt depressed like that. It's SOOO confusing. And the best part is that no one reads this bullshit, I'm writing to no one. My blog viewers get here by mistake, because I have a post that talks about the Optimus alive camping, and people who's searching how to go camping there, get here, at my blog. Poor ones... Anyway, I'm turning 18 next week, and I don't feel capable of doing even a single dinner with friends. Because I always (almost always) choose my friends badly, and then I regret the time I spent with them. I guess I'll just have some drinks in the afternoon in a caffe, so I can use my newest shirt. Birthday present already, and I guess it will be the best one.

Here, listen to this song, and fall asleep, it's time...


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