Day 24, 23 of July - I suck at commitments.

        I don't know what goes off inside my head, but it happens all the time I'm trying to do something right. The worst part is when someone is counting on us to do our part, and  my part is (was) quite simple: STAY OUT OF TROUBLES, DON'T MESS WITH GIRLS. And what do I do?! I get high, I get drunk, and I get in trouble. And I just don't understand why I do this... I just spent some amazing days with someone that not only gave me a second chance, as she gave me a third and a fourth, she believed in my, more than I did, she spent the worst time of her life (until now, and really, I'm not exaggerating) because of me. Still, she believed we could get together, she believed I could change and be the guy she fell in love again. And what did I do? I said: Yes, believe me, I'll change. I'll be the one you once knew... I'll not fail you, and you'll be proud of me, you'll see :)    AND WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS?  I screw things up... I always have to act like that douche bag of 9gag:

     The worst part it's not having the 9999º change to prove "I can change", the worst part is to know she believed in me, more than I did, and I let her down, I failed her... ^
     What now? Well, I don't know. I don't want to lose her, but I won't torture her anymore... I had everything to be happy, and make someone happy, and I wasted that opportunity. 


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